Thursday, September 20, 2018

Monday, September 17, 2018

BIRTHDAY:  I'm officially old now. [20]  I finally got to open the package and it was great!  Some new cute clothes, cards, and AMERICAN TREATS!  We had District Council in Kirkcaldy (just like every other Tuesday) but the STLs had decided to come to ours.  They picked us up and drove us.  They also made us stop at McDonald's on the way there and get a birthday ice cream (at 9am).  We taught ___ that day and then went to visit a less active member.  When we got there she had made us dinner.   AMAZING SURPRISE.  Happy birthday to me! 

YEAR MARK:  Nothing too exciting.  We got a Domino's pizza delivered to our flat for £5.99 because of a crazy coupon.  

____ had her baptismal interview last Wednesday and passed!  We are so excited for her.  One of the best problems a missionary could have:  So yesterday after church ____ texted us and said she couldn't get baptized on Saturday because she had to babysit.  We suggested to have it on Friday instead, which she said would work fine.  Then about 5 minutes later she texted us and asked if she could do it tomorrow (which is now TODAY).  Her mom is inactive, but ____ decided to tell her about the baptism and she wanted to come.  It's the only time her mom is off work, so we're having a baptism today.   She will be bringing her inactive mom and uncle, and one of her friends along with her.  We are super excited (and slightly stressed out) for her and her decision.  We announced in church yesterday that the baptism would be on Saturday, so now we need to contact everyone and let them know.  So the problem is that we have a baptism to throw together in about 24 hours and the font is disgusting.  It might have to be a similar adventure to cleaning the font in Dumbarton.  BUT if you can't throw a baptism together in 24 hours then you're not really a missionary.   

This week we taught an amazing girl named ___!  She is from Spain and taught herself English from listening to music, reading, and carrying a dictionary with her everywhere.  Her English is amazing.  She is super sincere and was left speechless after Sister Hammond said the First Vision.  She even brought a notebook to our lesson to take notes!  She also expressed to us how she just tries to make herself better everyday.  She is amazing.  I love teaching an honest heart.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Monday, September 10, 2018 - Birthday and anniversary week!

Thank you thank you for the birthday wishes!  Love you lots!  I can't wait to open my package!  [Her birthday is tomorrow, September 11th.]

This was yet another great week in Perth.  ____ is the best.  We taught her about Tithing and Fasting this week and she was so happy to learn that you don't have to starve yourself for a full day.  Last Sunday her gran told her not to eat and didn't say anything else or explain why.  She went ALL DAY without food or water because she wanted to fast.  We are also helping her quit smoking.   We taught her 15 steps to quit smoking this week and she is doing so well.  Her baptismal interview is this week and she is so excited!

So last week, unbeknownst to us, _____ was assigned to teach the lesson in Elders Quorum.  Yes you read that correctly.  After attending church 3 times he was asked to teach.  He hasn't accepted baptism and told us he needs more time, but the Elders Quorum didn't care about that.  So this week HE TAUGHT ELDERS QUORUM.  He's amazing.  

I can't believe a year has (almost) come and gone.  I love being a missionary.  There is nowhere I'd rather be, even if that sounds cheesy.  I still bounce out of bed every morning and say, "woohoo! Today's a great day to be a missionary."  Everyday that statement gets more and more real.  I feel like I've grown in the last year, but I'm definitely not done yet and never will be.  I think the biggest thing I've learned is that there is no point in worrying about the thigns that I can't control.  I just need to do everything in my part and the rest will fall into place the way it needs to.


Saturday, September 8, 2018

Monday, September 3, 2018

Every Friday here we have a family home evening with recent converts, people we're teaching, and anyone else that comes along.  ____, the 18 year old we're teaching comes every Friday with her 9 year old sister.  This week they both came and they also brought their uncle and his daughter (their cousin).    We taught them how to play spoons.  Needless to say I have two 9 year old best friends now.  It was so much fun.

We taught our friend ____ this week again and he is amazing.  Last week he had only read the introduction to the Book of Mormon because reading is hard for him.  He has dyslexia, which obviously slows him down a lot.  This week when we met with him he had read all the way through 1 Nephi 18!  And he remember all of it.  He told us how he was going to ask us a question about the tree of life and the iron rod, but he kept reading and he was amazed at how it explained itself.  He loves it.  What an amazing man.  

We taught our friend ____ again this week.  I don't remember if I talked about him last week, but we chapped into him and found out he was taught everything about a year and a half ago.  He works night shifts and gets off at 8:30.  And for the last two Sundays he's made it to church at 10:30.  It's amazing watching him make that sacrifice.

I also learned how to crochet this week!  It was the relief society activity and before you know it I'll be a crochet pro.  BUT as missionaries we don't really have time for hobbies, so we'll see if I remember/still have any desire to do that when I get home hhaha.

On Saturday we got a call from one of the senior couples saying they were about 20 minutes outside Perth with a package for me [her birthday is coming up].  It was delivered to my flat, but absolute torture staring at the package in the corner that I can't open for still more than a week.  I wanted to open it so badly, but I'm resisting temptation.  

Funny Perth moment of the week:  People are always singing/playing an instrument in the street.  This week there was a man, probably in his 70s, sitting on a bench with a speaker playing music from the didgeridoo and 'ooing.'  You would be amazed at how much money that man made.  And every time someone put money in his hat he would interrupt his ooing and say thank you.  Hahahha welcome to Perth.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Monday, August 27, 2018

We had such a good week!  On Monday we were able to chap into a man named _____.  He was taught by the Sisters here a year and a half ago.  He was taught everything, but dropped them right before his baptism.  He said he wanted to meet with us again.  We taught him on Friday, he bought us dinner, and he came to church yesterday!  It was amazing.  Funny:  so ____ was going to buy us Chinese, but the place was closed.  We just went to Pizza Hut instead, except we had Domino's for lunch.  It was a lot of pizza that day!

We were also able to set two of the people we are teaching with baptismal dates.  The first is ____ (from the part member family).  She wants to be baptised because it would be a fresh start for her, but she needs to quit smoking.  We are so excited for her to have a goal to work toward!  She keeps saying how baptism would be "such a blessing" and "a fresh start" for her. 

The other is named ____.   She has been taught since last November.  Her parents are super against religion.  So extreme to the point where she was kicked out of her house for a few days.  She has only been to church once but she has had a couple of really powerful experiences recently and she said she's not afraid to be baptised anymore.  We set her with a baptism date, but she's moving to Aberdeen for university before that date, so we'll see what happens.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Monday, August 20, 2018

This week was pretty eventful.  On Monday we went to the Black Watch Museum (Scottish War Museum).  Took some pretty rad pictures in a kilt.

Monday night was amazing.  We were chapping and after we finished one street we decided to pray where we needed to go.  Sister Hammond remembered there was a street that we only did half of, so we headed over there.  While we were there we chapped into this awesome guy named ____.  He invited us in, but there wasn't a woman there, so we talked on his porch.  He said he had met missionaries before, but they never really taught him anything.  We then taught him the Plan of Salvation on his doorstep and he loved it.  We taught him the Restoration and gave him a tour of the church later this week.  While we were in the primary room there was a chart showing the Articles of Faith that the kids had passed off and he asked what they were.  I explained that they were 13 of our basic beliefs.  Then he asked what they were and made me recite all 13.  Oof.  That was tough, but I did it.  He came to church yesterday and after sacrament meeting he said, "This is the most calm I've ever felt in my life and I'm definitely coming back next week."  AMAZING.  He texted us after church and said his cheeks were sore from smiling. 

We also taught ____ twice this week!  We taught her the Word of Wisdom and it was a crazy lesson.  We decided to teach at her gran's house, but there were so many people there.  Her gran, her inactive uncle, her nonmember 9 year old cousin, our Branch President, and us.  It was crazy, but so cool because her uncle was telling her how she needs to take care of her body and stop smoking.  He also pulled out his quad that he hasn't used since he was a teenager and was flipping through it.  After his daughter was flipping through it as well and her eyes lit up as she was turning the pages.  She also said she wanted to read the Book of Mormon with her.  The scriptures soften hearts!

Sister Hammond got something similar to the flu this week, so we were flat bound for a couple of 
days, but all is well now.   

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Monday, August 13, 2018

Most dramatic train ride of my life!  So we had to run to catch our train to get to Dundee last pday.  The train only takes about 20 minutes, but about halfway through we stopped in the middle of nowhere.  They came on the PA and told us the train in front of us broke down.  They said we would continue to Dundee, but at a reduced speed.  Then they said we would be going back to Perth, then they said we would continue to Dundee.  Anyway...we sat there confused and bored and antsy.  Our 20 minute train turned into an hour and a half ride to get us there late, but it was fun and we went to the beach again.   

So unfortunately, ____ met with us and told us he felt like it wasn't for him.  We are supposed to meet with him again tomorrow, but he hasn't texted us back or answered our calls.  Sad to see that happen.  

Exchange: We took a train to Aberdeen on Thursday night (about an hour and a half) for exchanges.  They were lots of fun and we got to have dinner with Sister Milne (she's basically the mission grandma and you have to check it off your mission bucket list at some point).  We played frisbee and talked to a lot of cool people.  We taught this awesome guy named ___who's 19.  He asked amazing questions.

We pranked the elders so good this week on exchange.  We all played ultimate frisbee together for morning workout and Sister Hammond and Sister Lough stayed in the car saying she was 'having a hard time and just needed to talk.'  We went over to the elders car and were just casually talking to them while Sister Curtis opened the back door to the car without them noticing.  We went to play frisbee and then Sister Hammond and Sister Lough toilet papered their car.  It was so good and we got a video of their reaction too.  Gotta love it.  

Now for something a bit more spiritual...

This week I was reading about Moses, Aaron, and Hur in Exodus 17.   But Moses’ hands were heavy; and they took a stone, and put it under him, and he sat thereon; and Aaron and Hur stayed up his hands, the one on the one side, and the other on the other side; and his hands were steady until the going down of the sun.  If Moses dropped his hands they would lose the battle.  Aaron and Hur couldn't take the rod from him, but they could support him.  This is how God answers prayers.  He won't take what we have to do from us, but he will send us our own Aaron and Hur to support us.  We still have to face these things, but the people that surround are able to bear us up and help us through the things we need to face.

God is good!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Monday, August 6, 2018 - Miracles and JOY

Our friend ____ is progressing so well!  This week we taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the 10 Commandments, and the Word of Wisdom.  He loved it all.  He struggles with a few problems and says every time he meets with us, prays, attends church, etc. he feels so much better and we are able to see a physical difference in him.  When we taught the WoW he said obviously those things are bad for you and I need to quit smoking anyway.  HE'S SERIOUSLY AMAZING.

We were able to attend a baptismal service with him this week in Dunfirmline and it was amazing.  After the man came up out of the water he leaned over to Sister Hammond and said, "I just felt something."  It only gets better.  He told us it made him so much more excited for his own baptism.  Our Branch also has a temple trip planned for this Saturday.  They invited him to go, just to be on the grounds and at the family history center, and he is so excited.  What a miracle!

The Branch loves ____ and he just fits right in.  There is a lady in the branch that has a hard time walking so she needs a wheelchair or someone to escort her.  When he walked up to church they pulled up in the car.  _____ then escorted her in. What a champ.  She also tried to give him £10 in the middle of sacrament meeting.  It was hilarious.  

This week we were finding and starting talking to this man.  We could not understand a word he was saying and he was just mumbling.  I thought I would just ask him for a referral.  I said, "Do you know anyone that would be interested to learn more about Jesus Christ?"  He shouted back, "ME!"  So we sat down on a bench with him and started teaching.  

I love being a sister.  People give us food all the time.  This past week our Branch Mission Leader brought us enough food to seriously feed a family of 6 for a week.  Another member brought us frozen lasagnes because she couldn't have us over this week.  What a blessing!

I just want to say the Gospel brings joy!  This week I have been feeling so grateful for all the experiences I've had and as I've been reflecting it's just very apparent that all of those experiences bring true joy.  There is no other source of this and it is sweeter than any other thing in the world.  The Gospel bring joy!  I'm so grateful for the time I get to be a missionary.  I thank my Heavenly Father for it every day.